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About Me

Eleanore, apparently happy with the copy

This is Not a Tell-All
It’s a Tell-Something

I like to cook, dress up, garden, dance. You don’t care?

Then join me as I briefly describe my writing odyssey so far:

It began at The Ohio State University, where I worked part-time writing for radio and local TV.  Then, with my B. A. in hand, I went to Cleveland, where I wrote for, and did on-camera pitches for a TV merchandising show. Alas, it went off the air, (not my fault!) so I then pursued my passion for food, working as an associate producer for a local TV cooking  show.  Guess what – that show eventually went off the air, too, (don’t blame me!).

Suddenly, the erratic world of advertising began to look like an island of stability so I set my sights on that, first working as a copywriter, then as an account executive and finally as creative director for a slate of accounts ranging from a steel company to a women’s clothing manufacturer.

Then I moved to Florida, worked as a newspaper reporter, then as an editor of four weekly visitor magazines.  Before and after that, I did a lot of video and travel writing, real estate, business, food and fashion writing, both in Florida and later, in L.A. I’m now living again in Florida, and along the way I’ve picked up a few writing kudos and awards.

What have I learned from all this? That wherever you go, English-speaking writers are always in demand. I like that!

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