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Fees & Faq

“I Guess This Writing Service Isn’t Free, Is It?”

I wish it could be free, but no, only butterflies are free – and not in this sense.  So what does writing and editing cost?Not nearly as much as no writing and no editing will cost you – also in a different sense.I wish I could give you an exact  quote right here and now,  but since every assignment is unique, I can’t, so I’ll  explain the basics: I charge either by the project  or by the hour. To determine the fee, I’ll  first ask you to describe your project, and then I’ll give you a high-low range –  or a fixed price, with the understanding that you’ve told me all the particulars.  It’s my responsibility, of course, to know what questions to ask. (For instance: a 4-panel brochure, or an 8-panel? A single-page web site, or one with six pages?  A newsletter with one person to interview, or three?) Usually, I charge by the hour.  My work and on-time delivery are guaranteed.Could you find a writer who charges less than I do?  As you know, you can usually find a cheaper anything if you try hard enough.Another plus: besides knowing what I’m doing, I’m easy to work with, and nice.

The Getting-Paid Part

How do I get paid? Through my PayPal account, half when I start, the balance within five days of when I finish. Or via Visa or MasterCard. First I’ll send an e-mail confirming the terms of our agreement, and I’ll  begin work as soon as you respond with 1)  an e-mail okaying our understanding  2) an initial payment.  Fees for termpaper editing are due in full at the start.

If you want to pay me, and I hope you will, you can use my  paypal account. click here

And that’s all there is to it.


My No-Surprises Writing Process

And How I Get Paid

Let’s Begin:
Everything starts with a phone call or e-mail from you, telling me about your project and your deadlines. I’ll let you know right away if I can take your assignment on, we’ll discuss it in detail, and then I’ll outline the terms of our agreement and e-mail or fax them to you. Once we’ve agreed on the terms and I’ve received a 50-percent deposit, I’ll begin writing. This can all happen in a few hours, or in a day.
I’ll send you the finished copy so you can look it over carefully and make comments and suggestions for any revisions. A re-write is included in the fee at no extra charge, provided I receive your comments within a 15-day period. After making the requested changes, I’ll send you the finished piece.

About Research:
As we all know, some topics are more difficult and complex than others, often involving research, which is time-intensive, particularly if multiple sources must be interviewed, either by e-mail, telephone or in person. If sources or experts are difficult to reach and require numerous contacts, time is a factor. Perhaps no interviews are needed, but either way, we’ll talk about this in the beginning. At the very start, I’ll be estimating the amount of research needed. No surprises for either of us.
Whatever you can fax or e-mail in the way of research or contacts is always helpful, and I’ll take it from there. If there is no research available and you can point me toward sources you prefer, that’s helpful, too. I’ll do all the digging.

What’s Included:
My fees include telephone calls, phone and e-mail interviews if any, research, copywriting, and one revision of the copy. Fees are set on a per-project basis, and that’s why, initially, I expend time and effort nailing down exactly what’s involved. If all you need is a simple pamphlet re-write, or some juiced up headlines on a website, my fee will reflect that.

Face to face:
Yes, there is Skype, and we can do that, if you like. You can show me around your plant, your restaurant, even. If you want to meet in person, and you are in Central Florida, that’s possible, too – but it will add considerably to the cost, since I must charge a per-hour travel fee.

Changes and Cancellations:
Change happens, but if your project changes in any substantial way (bigger or smaller), then an amended agreement will be drawn up to reflect adjustments in the assignment and fees.
If life gets in the way and you must cancel your project, I’ll prorate my fee and charge only for the time and work already invested.

Assignments Not For Me:
If your assignment is in a field of technology involving string theory, quantum mechanics, or a topic with its own vocabulary, with words I’ve never before seen and cannot pronounce, I’ll have to pass. As a newspaper reporter, I’ve written countless complex pieces on topics completely new to me, but research takes time. When writing for a newspaper, you are, in a sense,  “everyman,” sometimes starting from zero, asking all the questions that a reader unfamiliar with a topic would ask, then researching and writing about it in a clear way, with all questions anticipated and answered. But unless you are a newspaper, web or magazine publisher with a research budget, it would be better to find a technical expert in your field who is also a writer.

Any other questions? Contact me here

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