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Term Papers

You Get an E for Editor
Your Term Paper Editor is in the Room

When your writing project was assigned, it seemed far away, not too difficult. But now that a deadline is looming, it’s as if you picked up a kaleidoscope, gave it shake, and now everything looks different: suddenly your college or high school assignment seems difficult,  the time frame much too short, the prospect of a poor grade all but certain. OMG.Maybe you’re even having that classic Freudian  nightmare: The one where you’re in school, heading off to take a final exam. You’re wandering the halls looking for your classroom – sweating, panic setting in, and then you realize you don’t know where the classroom is because – oops! you forgot to go to class all year long. Is it too late to cram, you wonder. Oh, if only you had bought the textbook! Then you wake up, but the panic in the dream mirrors your  panic in real life.We’ve all been there. In such  situations, we may plunge ahead, do our best with the assignment and resolve that this will be the very last time anything like this ever happens. In the future, every paper, essay, report or whatever will be completed a week ahead of time – no, a month ahead of time!  Gosh, don’t you feel better already? I really admire that kind of resolve, but in the present, your assignment is hardly a termpaper of endearment, is it?

So, if  you’ve made one of those last-minute desperation stabs at completing it  but need help,  let’s talk about it. I can provide the editing you may need to turn your piece of – oh! excuse me! – your efforts into a professional piece of writing, in the style, length and depth you envisioned lo!  those many months ago.

Editing Tutorial:

I’ll send your edited piece back to you two ways:

1) showing the changes I’ve made to your original, allowing you to accept or reject them one-by-one, and I’ll tell you an easy way to do that if you don’t know how.

2) showing the finished piece with all the suggested changes in place.

When writing is really rough, editing takes more time and effort than writing a piece from scratch. Why? Because I strive to retain your style and voice, (no matter how off-key) while cleaning the piece up, getting rid of inconsistencies and confusion, working out illogical transitions, assumptions and conclusions, taking out the garbage and making it wonderful.

I’ll always show you the suggested mark-up,  because I’ve found this is one of the most helpful tools in teaching someone how to write better. If you’ll study my changes, and it’s a relatively long paper that I’ve edited, the next piece you write will be  better than almost anything you’ve ever written before.  But only if you really study what I’ve done.

About The Writing:

Style matters, and I want to deliver a piece  consistent with the way you write and think. Plain, straight-forward magazine or newspaper style? Something with humor?  A paper with a political or social point-of-view? It’s up to you. We’ll work that out at the start, before I begin to edit.

About The Assignment:

Knowing the details of the assignment will set us in the right direction. If the assignment is in writing, yea! Send it to me. And send me any background or research information that might help, if you have any. I don’t want to be off-track, off-tangent, or off my rocker. So, I’ll be asking about:.
Point of View
Drop dead date:

Start with an e-mail and tell me:  the subject, deadline, length, and where you are with it. We’ll talk and I can take it from there.

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